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Last updated: May 24, 2018

This Privacy Policy describes how Sudden Oak handles your data when using this app.

When using this app, you agree to let us administer your data as we describe in this Privacy Policy.

Please email us with any questions or requests at support@suddenoak.com.

Personal Information

This app does not, in general, collect any personal information from you. However, we do store some operational data that, in certain circumstances, could be used to identify you.

We collect the following as a necessary part of providing a seamless user experience across all your devices:

GUID: an anonymous, unique, randomly generated sequence of letters and numbers, which is used as your unique ID. This is generated by us and not shared between our apps or with anyone else.

iOS version: the current version of iOS installed on your device

App version: the current version of this app installed on your device

Screen height: the height, in screen points, of your device’s display

Testimonials read: the number of Testimonials you have read

Purchase history: a record of any In App Purchases you make; what you bought and when you bought it

Field Report visits: a record of any Field Reports you have accessed (see section "Location information and accessing Field Reports” below for more details)

Because we use an anonymous GUID, no item in the above list could be used to personally identify you by itself, but it could be theoretically possible for a malicious person to piece together attributes that are unique to you and identify you that way.

However, if you request instructions on becoming a Field Reporter, then we temporarily store your email address, which of course, could be used to identify you. We store this because we send out emails in batches. We delete it as soon as we no longer need it.

Field Reporter status and email address: if you have requested we email you instructions on how to become a Field Reporter. If you have, then we temporarily store your email address (see section "Requesting Field Reporter instructions” below for more details)

Location information and accessing Field Reports

If you enable Location Services and successfully visit a Field Report, a record is stored against your GUID with the time, date, and which Field Report was accessed. If you return to a Field Report multiple times, a tally is kept. While we do not store your actual location, the fact we keep a record of which Field Reports you have accessed, means it’s theoretically possible to determine where you have been by cross-referencing this with the location of the Field Report. For example, if a malicious person with access to this data knows that you, say, own an iPhone X and visited three Field Reports in remote Iowa on a specific day between 1–3pm, then they might be able to determine which anonymous GUID is you, and see all the other Field Reports you visited on other days. You can avoid this data collection by disabling iOS Location Services for this app and/or not visiting Field Reports.

Requesting Field Reporter instructions

If you request instructions via the app on how to write your own Field Reports, then you give us your email address and consent to us emailing you the instructions. We will not use your email address for anything else. We temporarily store your email address on our server. Once we have emailed you the instructions, your email address is deleted. It is typically stored for less than an hour. You can avoid this data collection by not requesting Field Reporter instructions.


If you enable the option to sync your progress via Apple’s iCloud service, then we send various values that determine your progress in the app to Apple’s iCloud servers. We do not send the custom GUID we assign to you. None of this data is deemed to be Personal Information by itself.

Mailing list

When you complete this app, you are given the option to join our mailing list, hosted by MailChimp. If you chose to sign up, then you are sent to a webpage form. This is separate from the app, and has its own Privacy Policy and consent options on the form.

External analytics

This app uses Fabric (owned by Google) to store analytics and identify software crashes. Specifically, we use Fabric Answers, and Fabric Crashlytics. We collect this information to improve this app and future projects. We only send them anonymous general-purpose tracking events (pages viewed, buttons clicked, etc.), device information (model, iOS version, app version, etc.) and crash data. We do not send the custom GUID we assign to you. We have selected the option within Fabric to not collect IP addresses. Fabric has its own Privacy and Security page here.

Data Processing Officer

Our Data Processing Officer is Russell Quinn. He can be contacted at support@suddenoak.com.

Information Usage

We use the data we collect to improve our apps and future projects, to provide a seamless experience to you, and to assist with customer support when necessary. We will not share personal information with outside parties, except when when it is required to achieve this app’s functionality, or when requested by law.

Your rights

You grant us consent to handle your data as described above, either when you explicitly provide us with the data, or it’s implied by your continued usage of the app.

If you wish to withdraw consent at any time, or obtain a copy of all the data we have on you, or request that we delete all the data we have on you, then please contact us at support@suddenoak.com. If we are unable to identify which data is yours, then we will be unable to provide or delete your data.


Communications with our server take place over a secure HTTPS connection.